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The Power of
Positive Remembering

How to Release the Miracle-Making Abilities Stored in Your Memories

*Boost Your Health* *Wipeout the Harmful Effects of Stress* *Block Chronic Pain* *Stimulate Weight Loss* *Attract Love* *Transform Dreams into Success*

What Can Positive Remembering do for You?

Your Memories, without you realizing it, have been secretly storing many extremely powerful abilities you can easily release to dramatically change your life.

When You release these natural abilities -- they have the amazing power to command your body and mind to:

Boost Your Health

Your memories have been learning how to fight and destroy thousands of different viruses, germs and even cancer cells all your life by turning on their own defense system. But your memories also have the ability to refuse to fight or to fight the wrong things.

Wipeout the Harmful Effects of Stress

Your memories have been learning how to overcome fear and reduce stress by turning on their own relaxation system. But your memories also have the ability to increase the tension and stress you feel.

Block Chronic Pain

Your memories have been learning how to reduce and even eliminate pain by giving you a powerful dose of their own morphine. But your memories can refuse to relieve pain and even make it worse.

Stimulate Weight Loss

Your memories know how to lose weight as well as they know how to gain weight.

Automatically Attract the Mate You Want

Your memories know how to read the subtle signals other people show when they are attracted to you so you can find fulfilling love. But your memories also know how to ignore those positive signals and only notice negative rejection signals.

Transform your dreams into Real-life Success

Your memories automatically notice the things in your environment that agree with how you see yourself and ignore anything that disagrees with your self-image (for better or worse).

How can remembering release the power of your abilities?

Your body and mind have grouped all these abilities with certain memories.

For example, the ability to relax is automatically released when you remember that warm, sunny day at the lake last summer when the waves were gently rocking you as you laid on your float.

Why would you want to read this book?

This book is about how to release the powerful abilities for change your memories have been secretly storing by:
  1. Learning what these extremely powerful abilities are.
  2. How you can release this power by simply remembering the right memories.
  3. Learning which kinds of memories release the powers you want
  4. And how real-life people have solved their problems by using this simple system.

Is this another "positive thinking" book?

No. The Power of Positive Remembering is not another "Positive Thinking" book. I have read and enjoyed many of those kinds of books, but all of them left me with the question of why.

Why does positive thinking work for some but not others?

What makes positive thinking work, is it some supernatural force, or a natural physical phenomenon?

I have always believed everything has a physical basis even if that basis was not known. This does not mean that I do not believe in the power of faith to accomplish what seems like supernatural things. I believe miracles do happen every day but I also believe that everything also has a physical explanation even if that explanation is not known at the time.

Knowing miracles can happen gives you hope but knowing the reason why something works gives you power.

Everything that has been done in this physical universe has been done according to the physical laws that govern it (even if we do not yet understand what those laws are). If someone is instantly healed of cancer it IS a miracle but behind the miracle of faith there is a powerful immune system which sprang into action and destroyed the cancer because of faith.

The Power of Positive Remembering is about the physical reasons WHY seemly miraculous things happen.

  1. Why do some people succeed when they have to overcome great obstacles to do it?
  2. Why do other people simply give up their dreams and resigned themselves to working at some job they hate?
  3. Why do some people who get sick, give up and die?
  4. Why do others give up and live a life characterized by waiting to die?
  5. Why do others fight illness and refuse to give up their plans to continue their lives.

The Power of Positive Remembering
will teach you how to release the miracle-making abilities stored in your Memories and use their power to dramatically improve your life.

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