How to use real memories to boost your health, relieve pain, reduce stress and attract success.

The Power of
Positive Remembering

How to find
LOVE by releasing the power of your MEMORIES

The Power to
Find Love

- Chapter 7:
all it took to heal him was
one look, one gentle touch,
one kiss

Arms, legs vs. memories
- your memories are real physical things

Muscles vs. Memories
- you can build muscle, can you build brain?

10,000 books are not enough
- you have a lot more "up there" than you think

ATM memories
- fingers seem to know the numbers when you don't.

The Whistling Tree
- can you remember where you learned to whistle?

Post Office memories
- How can thoughts "talk" to the cells of your body? And how can individual cells "talk" to your thoughts?

Mama,daddy, sister,
brother memories
- no man is an island and no memories are stored alone

It's impossible to think
of two things at once
- You cannot imagine yourself
getting sicker and at the
same time getting better.

Bugs Bunny™
& chewing gum
- imagining Bugs helps
a little girl stop bleeding

The Power to
Improve Your Health
- Chapter 2: How Remembering
can unlock your body's natural healing abilities

Doctor who painted warts
- paint activates the memories
that know how to eliminate warts

Voodoo Remembering
- how memories can KILL you

Change your attitude
- 400 people were totally cured because of this

Cells that blow up cancer
- your body has some "explosive" power

Who will live the longest?
- there are THREE kinds of patients, which one will survive?

- Sheri Lewis, creator of "Lamb Chop", teaches how to activate hope when you feel hopeless.

Use your Crayons
- cancer patients draw pictures in order to activate memories that boost their immune system

Watch a funny movie
- laughter was the best medicine for this man who used movies to keep positive memories active.

The double strength
water cure
- how a water shot and newspaper can make a big difference in the outcome

Rocking chair
cures paralysis
- a seventeen year old with polio re-learns to move by remembering

The Power
to Relieve Pain
- Chapter 3: How Remembering
can reduce your pain

Your body's natural morphine
- the body knows how
to relieve pain if you know
how to order it with memories

Hello Mr. Pain?
- activate the right memories by talking to your pain

Watching the blowing wind
remembering a time before the pain

Chirping Crickets
remembering your childhood

Driven to distraction
get interested in something else

Good, red, strong blood
more driven to distraction

The Power to
Overcome Fear
- Chapter 4: How Remembering can help with phobias

What is the sympathetic
nervous system?
- this is your body's natural
flight or fight response,

The Power to
Reduce Stress
- Chapter 5:

What is stress anyway?

Can stress do ALL that?
- you won't believe how many things stress can do to mess up your life

The oldest cure-Yoga
- they knew how to calm the "whirlpool" of stressful thoughts thousands of years ago

Nervous System
- your body's natural valium

The Power to
Create Success
- Chapter 6: How to use your Memories to attract success

The mustard seed key chain
- Dolly Parton learned the "key" to success

Oil filters, air filters
& BRAIN filters
- what your brain lets in and keeps out depends on the filters you set

Are you ignoring me?
- your ignoring a whole lot of stuff

- he kept his memories fresh by playing a piano no one could see

Rearrange your Memories
- imagination is rearranged memories so go ahead a move them around

How to cash a $10
million BAD check
- Jim wrote this check to remind himself where he wanted to go

Napoleon's worthless
magic stone
- his grandma gave him
something that couldn't fail to activate the right memories

Are you talking to yourself?

Thank You for the FLEAS
- how to be happy all the time

The Power to
Find Love

- Chapter 7:
all it took to heal him was
one look, one gentle touch,
one kiss

The Seven Traits of
Successful People

Chapter 8

A Blind Date that
turned into love

He ran after the car

127 things he wanted
to do

Daily Plan
Releasing the Power
of your Memories

only one look

one gentle touch of her hand

only one kiss

A man and his wife sent me a photocopy of a crumpled-up old envelope with writing on both sides.

The man had written this to himself after reading an older version of this book. The man had read my book and it gave him hope for his problem.

After two very bad divorces he had somehow convinced himself he was unworthy to love or be loved. He told me he hadn't been on a date in years.

But after read that older version of Positive Remembering he realized what he could do to take action.

Let me show you what that old crumpled up envelope said so you can see how one man recalled his memories of success at love.

He wrote:

"All it would take to heal me is
One long conversation
only one look
one gentle touch of her hand
only one kiss
one moment of understanding when two become one"

With these words written on an old envelope this man had quit trying to find love and begun to imagine how just one day with the right girl would cure him.

He goes on to say something so profound I want to reproduce it word for word and believe me if you follow his pattern you'll see results too!

"I don't know who, I don't know when or where, but that part of me that remembers will know. I am unable to brake free of this straight jacket of thought, this awful smothering feeling of terrible loneliness, this hopeless pattern of believing myself unworthy to be loved and unable to love someone the way they deserve.

But I now know within me is the help I cannot give myself by trying. It still remembers what to look for, it knows what to listen for, it still knows how to react, and now I know I must rely on it."

This man was ordering his brain to look up the many memories he has of how a woman talks, moves, and looks when she is interested.

He writes:

"I know I will fight it and argue with it and try to reason what it tells me out of existence. But this day and every day I will hope it will win. I will think about how easy one look, one tender touch, one day with her could change this pattern and brake my chains forever.

And each time I do this I will wonder how my superintelligent mind will trick me into listening, when it will surprise me and catch me off guard. And most of all how much more I will understand it's power to heal the very soul of man as I hold the one it gives me in my arms at night."

I believe that man's little crumpled up envelope is one of the clearest statements of how the POWER OF POSITIVE REMEMBERING works. He knew the only way to put his feelings of failure and loneliness back into the land of amnesia was to Positively Remember success.

To remember One kiss, one look, one gentle touch was to remember all his success with love from the past and all the memories of success he had seen in other people. Then he spent time thinking of how his mind would over rule his doubts and trick him into love.

This man tapped into the real power of the mind; the power to make unseen dreams come true in the world of the seen. Less than two months after he wrote these words this man was dating the woman who eventually became his wife.

How You Can Use Positive Remembering

  1. Acknowledge Your Problem - just as this man did when admitted he thought himself "unworthy to be loved and unable to love someone the way they deserve."
  2. Describe and Imagine what it would take to cure you - such as "one long conversation, only one look, one gentle touch.
  3. Each day spend time reading what you've written and wondering how your mind will bring what you want to pass.


If you are already in a relationship but wish it was like it used to be use this same system.

  1. Acknowledge to yourself what is wrong NOW.
  2. Spend time remembering how you used to act toward your partner, and how that person responded to you. When you were happy did you have long talks, did you hold hands, did you compliment him or her? Write down all these special little things you used to do.
  3. Begin to do those actions you wrote down in step 2.

Do not look for results. Do not try to force any feelings. Just take action and know action will in it's own time produce the right emotions. Your partner will notice and respond when he or she realizes you are sincere in your desire to rekindle the flame.

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